Blue Protocol Error 102- Fix in 2 step

Blue Protocol is an exciting online game, but like any online experience, you may encounter issues from time to time. One common problem that players face is “Error 102.” This error can be frustrating, but fear not!

In this guide, we will guide you through the steps to troubleshoot and resolve Blue Protocol Error 102.

How to Fix Blue Protocol Error 102

Have you ever been excited to dive into the world of Blue Protocol, only to be met with the frustrating Error 102 message? It’s a common issue that many players encounter, but fear not, because in this article, we’ll guide you through the process of fixing Blue Protocol Error 102 so that you can get back to your gaming adventure without a hitch.

Understanding Blue Protocol Error 102

Before we delve into the solutions of this error, it’s essential to understand what Error 102 means. In the realm of Blue Protocol, Error 102 is typically associated with a connectivity problem between your computer and the game servers. This could result from various issues, such as network disruptions, server maintenance, or even firewall settings. Knowing the root cause is the very first step towards resolving it effectively.

Step 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The most common culprit behind Error 102 is a shaky internet connection. Ensure that your ent connection is stable and that you’re not facing any network issues. You might want to reset your router or connect to a different network to see if that resolves the problem. A strong and stable connection is essential for seamless gameplay.

Step 2: Verify Server Status

Blue Protocol’s servers may undergo maintenance or experience downtime. Check the official Blue Protocol website or their social media channels to see if there are any announcements regarding server status. If the servers are down from their side, you may have to wait until they are back online.

Step 3: Disable Firewall and Antivirus

Sometimes, your firewall or some antivirus software may block the connection to the game servers, triggering Error 102. Temporarily disable these security measures and attempt to launch Blue Protocol again. Remember to re-enable them once you’re back in the game to ensure your system’s safety.

Step 4: Clear DNS Cache

A simple yet effective step is to clear your DNS cache. To do this, open the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (macOS) and type in “ipconfig /flushdns.” This clears any stored DNS data that may be causing connection issues.

Step 5: Reset Winsock

Winsock is a programming interface that manages network connections on Windows systems. Sometimes, resetting it can resolve connectivity problems. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator and type “netsh winsock reset.” Reboot your computer and try launching Blue Protocol again.

Step 6: Update Network Drivers

Outdated network drivers can lead to connectivity problems. Ensure that your system network drivers are up to date. Visit the manufacturer’s website or use the built-in update functionality in your operating system to keep your drivers current.

Step 7: Contact Blue Protocol Support

If you’ve tried all the above steps and still encounter Error 102, it’s time to reach out to Blue Protocol’s support team. They can provide specific guidance or investigate if there’s a broader issue that’s affecting your gameplay.

Cause of Blue Protocol Error 102

Before we dive into the solutions, let’s understand what Error 102 in Blue Protocol actually means. This error is typically a connection issue and can occur for various reasons:

  1. Unstable or Slow Internet Connection

A shaky internet connection can lead to Error 102. Before trying anything else, ensure your internet is stable and fast.

  1. VPN Issues

If you’re using a VPN while playing Blue Protocol, it might be the cause. The game’s servers block some VPNs.

  1. Server Problems

Sometimes, the Blue Protocol servers themselves may be experiencing technical difficulties. In such cases, you’ll need to wait it out.

  1. Firewall or Antivirus Interference

Firewalls or antivirus software on your computer could block Blue Protocol, triggering Error 102.

Now that we’ve identified the potential culprits, let’s move on to the solutions.

How to fix Blue Protocol Error 102

Blue Protocol Error 102

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

Start by ensuring your internet connection is stable and fast. Restart your router if necessary and close any bandwidth-heavy applications running in the background.

  1. VPN Adjustment

If you use a VPN, try switching to a different server or temporarily disabling it to see if that resolves the issue.

  1. Patience Is Key

If the problem is on Blue Protocol’s end, there’s not much you can do but wait. Check the game’s official social media or website for updates on server status.

  1. Firewall and Antivirus Check

Review your computer’s firewall and antivirus settings. Ensure that Blue Protocol is allowed through any potential blocking mechanisms.

  1. Restart Your Computer

A simple restart can sometimes fix connection problems by refreshing your system’s network settings.

Repairing Blue Protocol Game Files

If the problem persists, you can attempt to fix the game files:

  1. Open the Blue Protocol launcher.
  2. Navigate to the “Tools” tab.
  3. Click on the “Repair” button.
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen to repair the game files.

Reinstalling Blue Protocol

As a last resort, you can attempt to reinstall Blue Protocol:

  1. Uninstall the Blue Protocol game from your computer.
  2. Visit the official Blue Protocol website and download the latest version of the game.
  3. Install the game on your computer following the installation instructions.

How to fix if Blue Protocol Error 102 due to VPN issues

  • Switch to a Different VPN Server:
    • Sometimes, the specific VPN server you’re using may be causing the issue. Try connecting to a different server within your VPN provider’s network.
  • Disable VPN Temporarily:
    • Temporarily disable your VPN before launching Blue Protocol. This can help determine if the VPN is indeed the cause of Error 102.
  • Use a Trusted VPN:
    • Ensure you’re using a reputable and trusted VPN service. Some lesser-known VPNs might not work well with online games or may be blocked by game servers.
  • Check VPN Settings:
    • Review your VPN settings to ensure they’re configured correctly. Look for any features that might interfere with your internet connection or game traffic.
  • Update VPN Software:
    • Make sure your VPN software is up to date. Outdated VPN clients can sometimes cause compatibility issues.
  • Consider Not Using a VPN:
    • If all else fails, you may consider playing Blue Protocol without a VPN if your region and network allow it. Be sure to follow any applicable terms of service.
  • Check VPN Compatibility:
    • Before using a VPN with online games, check if the game developer (in this case, Bandai Namco) explicitly allows VPN usage. Using a VPN against the game’s terms of service can result in issues.
  • Monitor VPN Connection Stability:
    • Keep an eye on your VPN’s connection stability. Frequent disconnects or slow performance can contribute to Error 102.
  • Test Without VPN:
    • To definitively rule out the VPN as the cause of Error 102, try playing Blue Protocol without the VPN enabled. If the error disappears, it’s likely related to the VPN.

Remember that VPNs are designed to protect your privacy and security, but they can sometimes interfere with online gaming due to how they route and encrypt internet traffic. It’s essential to strike a balance between using a VPN for security and ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

By following these steps, you should be well on your way to resolving Blue Protocol Error 102 and getting back into the game.

Blue Protocol Error 102

Error Code in blue protocallBlue protocall Cause
Error 102Connection error. This can occur if your internet connection is unstable or slow, or if there is a problem with the Blue Protocol servers.
Error 103Authentication error. This can occur if your account information is incorrect or a problem with the Blue Protocol servers.
Error 104Game client error. This can occur if the game client is not up to date, or if there is a problem with the game files.
Error 105Game server error. This can occur if there is a problem with the Blue Protocol servers.
Error 106Banned account. This can occur if your account has been banned for violating the game’s terms of service.


Error 102 in Blue Protocol can be a nuisance, but you can overcome it with the right troubleshooting steps. Whether it’s a connectivity issue, VPN conflict, or server problem, the solutions outlined above should help you get back to enjoying the game.


What causes Blue Protocol Error 102?

Error 102 can be caused by an unstable internet connection, VPN conflicts, server problems, or interference from your computer's firewall or antivirus.

Why should I check my internet connection first?

A reliable and high-speed internet connection is crucial for online gaming.Error 102 often occurs due to connection issues.

How can I check if Blue Protocol servers are experiencing problems?

Check the official Blue Protocol website or social media channels for server status updates.

Should I always disable my VPN while playing Blue Protocol?

Not necessarily. Try switching to a different VPN server or disabling it temporarily to see if it resolves the issue.

Is reinstalling Blue Protocol a guaranteed fix?

Reinstalling should be a last resort, but it can help if other solutions don't work. Make sure to follow the official installation instructions for a clean reinstall.